The S.A.R.T.I Program is a three-stage program designed to unleash the sales champion within you. 


Each stage is uniquely powerful and can be done individually or together.


Every transformation starts with bringing attention to what is needed. The first stage in the SARTI journey is scanning through what we do and what you need. 


Sanjeevv believes in maintaining one-to-one interaction all through his programs and hence the SCAN stage will be where you can set up a session with him. The thirty minutes session will be an open discussion focusing on YOU! 


To set up your scanning session, follow the link below and book your Call Today!


The second stage in the transformation journey consists of the two key steps - Attend and Reflect. This stage is all about self-awareness and learning to imbibe the amazing Yogic principles in your selling style.

In this stage, you will go through the 4 weeks intensive program called - THE SEVEN CHAKRAS OF SALES. 

Through the four weeks of this coaching program - The Seven Chakras of Sales, we will focus on improving your skillset, mindset and, heartset by deep diving into seven critical aspects of sales mentioned below:


  • Attitude - The Mooladhara of Sales

  • Creativity and Emotions - The Swadisthana of Sales

  • Passion, Persistence, and Knowledge - The Manipura of Sales

  • Client Centricity - The Anahata of Sales

  • Communication and Expression - The Vishuddha of Sales

  • Intuition and Openness - The Ajna of Sales

  • Network and Influence - The Sahasrara of Sales


Armed with Yogic wisdom that has been derived from ancient Indian books like the Bhagwad Gita, this course is nothing like you have experienced ever before in sales. The Seven Chakras of Sales Program is delivered via recorded modules, weekly group coaching calls, and WhatsApp discussions. 


For more details please visit the program page here! 


The final stage of the SARTI program is a one on one / focus group coaching program called the SALES RECAST PROGRAM.

The program is a long-term coaching program with one-on-one touchpoints. This is a personal coaching program designed to be at least 3 months in duration. 


In this stage, we will focus on training and implementing the learning deeper into your work. We will be following the personal coaching model ensuring the journey is highly contextualized to you. 


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